Thank you for visiting Marval Designs, LLC.  I am Samantha Marsh, a recovering lawyer who has the passion, knowledge, and penchant for home design, remodeling, and renovation.  I have been designing spaces since 2004, and my work has included a variety of projects from simply finding art and furniture that would work in the most difficult of spaces to the complete renovation of a 1930 house.  In that time, I encountered struggles common to every homeowner or renter – budget; time management; HOAs; and sometimes, the element of “eww” that comes when renovating a historic home.  During that same period of time, I graduated from law school while serving on the board of a Dallas community HOA and then enjoyed a career in criminal law. 


What I bring to the table (which I may also bring):

  • Experience and proven results with projects that required just a color wheel and catalog to those that required power tools and a respirator.

  • Voracious reading on both historic and modern design and renovation, building materials, construction methods. 

  • Honest discussion and assessment of your project from start to finish. 

  • Obsessive dedication.  From start to finish, I’ll plan with all of your goals in mind while focusing on getting the most out of your budget without sacrificing quality workmanship.


Your HOME – A place where you can be entirely at ease. A space to enjoy time with your family, to work and to relax. A room of one’s own. 


Be it your home’s distinctive architectural features, how it flows from one room to the next, or your décor scheme, every home should be a nuanced combination of elements that reflect your individual personality while fulfilling your needs.  Renovation is not just about throwing out the imperfect, but finding the character and value in your home and making it somewhere perfect for you. Marval Designs LLC will help you create and execute your vision to renew and revive your home with creative solutions for both your dollars and your dreams.


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